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Alphabetical Listing

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Marshall, John Edwin (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives
Marshall, John Eugene (1929)  -contact Archives
Marshall, John Richard (1851)  -John Richard Marshall, Class of 1851. Genealogy: Born- June 17, 1832, in Markham, Va. Father- Thomas G. Marshall; Mother- Anne E. Harris. Pat. Grandfather- William Marshall; Pat. Grandmother- Alice Adams. Mat. Grandfather- George Harris; Mat. Grandmother- Mary H. Cooke. Married- On Nov. 14, 1852 to Angeline Winston Noel, daughter of Thomas Garnett Noel and Caroline N. G. Harris. Children: 1- Aeloise Marshall; 2- Eliza Carolina Marshall, who married S.D. Todd; 3- George H. Marshall; 4- John T. Marshall; 5- Lindsay Coleman Marshall; 6- William Frances Marshall; 7- Mary A. Marshall (died in infancy). Career: Teacher, Farmer. Died- June 11, 1904.
Marshall, John Thomas (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives
Marshall, Joseph Mills (1905)  -World War I Record: Captain, Engineers, A.E.F.
Marshall, Joseph Paige (1920)  -contact Archives
Marshall, Joseph Wade Chandler (1938)  -contact Archives
Marshall, Martin (1867)  -Martin Marshall, Class of 1864: New Market Cadet; Private, Co. D. Genealogy: Born- June 27, 1846 at Vicksburg, Miss. Father- Thomas Alexander Marshall; Mother- Letitia Miller. Pat. Grandfather- Martin Marshall; Pat. Grandmother unknown. Mat. Grandfather- Anderson Miller; Mat. Grandmother- Eliazabeth Bell. Married- Mary Ella Bush, daughter of John Bush of Hinds Co. Miss. Children- 1- Letitia Marshall; 2- Judith Marshall; 3- Thomas Alexander Marshall; 4- John Marshall; 5- Coutenay Marshall. Entered VMI- July 25, 1863 (Made Honorary Graduate after the Civil War). Also Graduated from University of Virginia. Civil War Service- Private in Co. D of the Corps of Cadets in the Battle of New Market. Was severely wounded during the Battle, part of his knee was shot off which ended his military career. Career- Lawyer in Vicksburg, Miss. Died- Sept. 17, 1895.
Marshall, Myron Barraud (1902)  -contact Archives
Marshall, Peyton Jaquelin (1918)  -World War I Record: Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery Replacement Depot, Camp Jackson. Later Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

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