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Alphabetical Listing

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Abell, William McLeod (1864MS)  -William McLeod Abell, Class of 1864MS: Genealogy: Born- Feb. 17, 1842 Charlottesville, Va. Father- Alexander Pope Abell; Mother- Ann McLeod. Pat. Grandfather- John S. Abell; Pat. Grandmother- Lydia [maiden name unknown] Mat. Grandfather- William McLeod; Mat. Grandmother- Belinda [maiden name unknown] Never married, no children. VMI Record: Entered VMI- May 22, 1861; Trained for six weeks in Military Science and Tactics before joining the C.S.A. Attended University of Va. before entering VMI. Military Record: was 1st Sergeant, Co. F 3rd Va. Local Defense Troops according to an undated petition (probably mid-late 1861); his company became part of 2nd Va. Cavalry Battalion (Lt. Col. H. C. Pate's Battalion); that Battalion became 5th Va. Cavalry June 1862 and his company was Co. I; in hospital Dec. 1862- Jan. 1863; May- June 1863; and Nov. 1863- Jan. 1864; later made Sergeant Major; Mortally wounded in action Sept. 25, 1864 near Luray Va. Died- Sept. 26, 1864 from wounds received previous day.
Abernathy, George Gains (1930)  -Matriculated: September 14, 1926; Dropped: September 13, 1927
Abernathy, Robert Eugene (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives
Abney, John G. (1873)  -John G. Abney, Class of 1873: Genealogy: Born- Feb. 20, 1855 in Harrison Co. Texas. Father- Zachariah Abney; Mother- Elizabeth S. McClure. No information on grandparents. Married- Nettie Thompson of Alabama. Children- 1- John D. Abney; 2- Nettie Abney; 3- Frances Abney. VMI Record: Entered VMI- Aug. 30, 1870 as 3rd Classman (Sophomore); Dismissed May 8, 1871. Attended University of Virginia after that and then studied Law in Marshall, Texas. Careers: Lawyer. Died- May 10, 1896 in Harrison Co. Texas.
Abot, James Latimer (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives
Abott, Frederick Alton (1930)  -Matriculated: Sept. 13, 1926; Dropped: January 22, 1927.
Abraham, Jesse Daniel (1868)  -Jesse Daniel Abraham, Class of 1868 Genealogy: Born- birthdate unknown. Father- Col. Jesse A. Abraham of Buckingham Co. Va.; Mother- Mary Belle Taylor. No information on grandparents. Married- Katie Trenholm, daughter of Col. Trenholm. Children- 1- William Trenholm Abraham; 2- Samuel Maddox Abraham; 3- Katherine Abraham. VMI Record: Entered VMI- Jan. 31, 1865; Left April 2, 1865. Military Record: Served with VMI Corps of Cadets in the trenches in Richmond, Va. until the Corps Disbanded April 2, 1865. Careers: Teacher in Maryland and Washington, D.C.; bank cashier in New York and New Jersey; public official; Deputy Comptroller for U.S. Treasury during the Cleavland Administration. Died- Sept 13, 1917 in Cartersville, Va.
Abraham, Robert Parham (1882)  -Matriculated: July 30th, 1877; Dismissed: February 26, 1880
Abramowitz, Solomon (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives
Ackelson, Rolland Duane (Not a VMI Cadet)  -contact Archives

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